If he be worthy – Bata-lata-lata-la.

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

This is the inscription on Thor’s hammer. Thor has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him in Silver Surfer #4. Many people have wielded Thor’s Hammer. Of them Beta Ray Bill was my favorite with Superman a close second.

As Wonder Woman said, “worthy is awfully subjective”. And in the world of comic books, so is “he”. My new favorite character who may be able to lift Mjolnir is Baymax.

wpid-wp-1427079365719.jpegBaymax perfectly violates the worthiness enchantment in so many ways. “He” is an android, which removes the “whoever” and “he” clauses. Thanks to Hiro’s chip, he is a warrior and willing to kill. Both under the influence of Hiro’s chip AND under his original programming by Tadashi. He specifically asks Hiro if killing Callaghan would make things better after refusing Hiro’s combat chip. Tadashi programming also makes him honorable, selfless and humble.

I really would love to see Baymax with Mjolnir.

J5T – Just 5 Things: Blue Shift Designs

This week’s J5T is about Milee, owner of Blue Shift Designs. She is a Western New York creator of wonderful purses, personal accessories and home accents.
1. Blue Shift Designs is the brainchild of just one person, Milee. She is responsible for all creative designs and day-to-day operations of her company. Every item is absolutely unique. Milee works with customers to deliver personalized and custom products based on the needs and wants of the individual. She has an amazing way of making products that look loved.
2. Milee’s blog and Facebook page features a variety of unique purses, diaper bags and handbags, but her creativity runs to backpacks, totes and personal accessories such as aprons, scarves and wallets. She is always moving forward and has a new website under construction.
3. She isn’t limited to soft goods, Milee creates notions for the home in the form of reusable aromatherapy packs, wooden objects de art and custom signs.
4. Her signs are made from lumber reclaimed from barns and are hand worked; no automated tools such as CNC machines or lasers for her.
5. All of Milee’s designs incorporate an upcycling ethic. She endeavours to produce products from truly vintage materials when possible, for a unique look and feel.
Bonus Fact:
Milee has been most gracious in allowing me unprecedented details about her creativity and focus. I will be posting about Milee’s talents and adventures in wood products for the home. She has a love of aboriginal dot art, reclaimed materials and hand craftsmanship. I look forward to the next post about Blue Shift Design.

Antenna Sampler from Google Play

playlogoI love music, one source is not enough. Google Play offers a series of free tracks every month. This month’s collection is called the Antenna Sampler.

Hear new music from the likes of Drivers, Grooms and The Glitch Mob.

One caveat, Google Play requires an account and that account must have a credit card assigned to it before you can download. Don’t worry, you can use debit, prepaid debit or credit cards and all music in this section is free.

SXSW Free Music Collection

sxswI wish I could come up with a great description of SXSW. It’s music, interactivity and creativity all in one. I would kill to go to it.

But, I can live vicariously through the web. NPR has put together a collection of tracks from the artist performing there called The Austin 100. You can give them a try one by one or download all 799 mb of music from the link on the right.

Hurry, the link is only live until April 2, 2015.

It’s been a while…

magickingdomIt’s been a while since I read to the kids. We are back to Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold, by Terry Brooks. This is one of my favorites.

The kids are amazed by the smash-up qualities of the book. Ben Holiday is a lawyer from Chicago who has lost his wife in an accident. In despair, he purchases a Magic Kingdom from Rosen’s Department Store. And enters a world of demons and dragons as the ruler of all who will follow.

Reading aloud to your kids is important. Tonight, I managed to read Catherine to sleep. My boys begged another, unrelated story from me.

That second one was a little more grown up, Paladin of the Lost Hour by Harlan Ellison. You can click the link and read along, courtesy of Harlan himself.

Full of S*** on Valentine’s Day

As a child, my favorite “toy” was a black corduroy tuxedo. It must have been a hand-me-down from lord knows who. It had black pants with a red stripe down the leg, and more importantly, a matching black vest.

Corduroy Tuxedos are hot.

Corduroy Tuxedos are hot.

With my toy blaster, it made the most epic Han Solo costume ever.

Not that I wore it for Halloween. It was my “Everyday Han Solo” costume. I wore it to school, I wore it church. I wore it winter, summer fall and spring. I wore the hell out of that thing.

Han Solo rocks

Han Solo rocks


I wore it until it was ridiculously small on me; and even then, I did not give it up. I willed that thing to fit me for the opening of Return of the Jedi. I managed to hold on to it for years, no matter how hard my mom tried to dispose of it.

I told Jennifer this story, long before we every got married. She laughed and said, “You are so funny, but so full of shit.”

My only reply was to pull the sad, little suit out of my closet and show it to her. She was so shocked and surprised, her eyes rolled back into her head.

On this Valentine’s Day, I don’t have any eye rolling revelations, or a tux, or wacky surprises in the closet, Jennifer Kitty Viverito. Only a great story about fun times. Thank you, today and every day, for laughing with me.

Family Game Night

For Christmas, the kids received many games, but the family favorite is Big Bang Theory Uno.


This edition of Uno features the cast of TBB and a special Soft Kitty Card. Soft Kitty requires the victim to draw cards until they find a Sheldon or Penny card. We found this to be a bit much and limited the number of cards to a maximum of 4.

All of the kids received video games, but this one tops them all. 5 nights of family fun in a row so far.

2015 on the right foot


I have made a list of items I want, every day for 2015:

  • One blog post a day
  • One sketch or drawing a day.
  • 30 minutes of writing a day.
  • At least 30 minutes of reading starting with these two books:
    • How Fascism Ruled Women: Italy, 1922-1945
    • The Black Hole War
  • 30 minutes of Duolingo to improve my language and grammar skills
  • Less TV, more family time
  • More gaming in person, less gaming online.
    • A biweekly D&D game with the family.
    • No more than 30 minutes a day playing online.

These aren’t exactly resolutions, these are things I should have been doing all along. This should represent less than 3 hours a day. I might not hit my goal everyday, but ticking off a few will put me in a better place.

I hope you have a great 2015.