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Understanding New Scottish Doctor Who

Apparently, many people have a problem understanding Peter Capaldi’s accent. Not me. On Google.Plus, I commented “Lots of planets have a Scotland.” I do find that the volume is an issue. For whatever reason, either a background sound blocks out … Continue reading

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Breath Deep…

The new Doctor Who episode, Deep Breath premieres in just a few hours. I can’t wait to see the first full episode with Peter Capaldi. In the UK, this episode already aired and I am really trying not to read … Continue reading

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All the right things (part 3)

Back in 1996, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. The whole world was one big crazy snarl and I couldn’t figure any of it out. One day, a coworker handed me a simple wooden puzzle. … Continue reading

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All the right things (part 2)

Years ago, I worked in a bookstore called “The Paper Cutter”. As a receiving clerk, one of my duties was to field phone calls. One particular type of call really bothered me. Caller: “Do you have the Cliff-notes for Fahrenheit … Continue reading

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All the right things (part one)

I was on the hunt for a book last weekend. It has been so long since I bought a physical book. We ventured out to Barnes and Nobles and I tried to find something I would enjoy. As tried to … Continue reading

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Walking Dead Premiere

October 12th is the premiere of Walking Dead Season 5. The trailer is out and over three minutes long and is jammed packed with tasty details. I could drive myself nuts trying to figure out what all of it means. … Continue reading

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Art site for future reference

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Dr. Who Season Premiere

The next Doctor Who episode is called Deep Breath. It premieres on August 23, 2014. I can’t wait. The Teaser Trailer contains just one word: Listen! You can check out the Trailer here:

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First Regular Season Sabre’s Game

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am already counting down the days until Hockey Season. 92 days… 92 days…

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Common Core Glitch – Fractions with Metric System

My daughter came to me for help with homework. At issue was a very odd question, it contained metric units and fractions. I discovered that she didn’t have the knowledge to convert fractions to decimals, which is the only acceptable … Continue reading

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