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The Unreality of Bunnies

A number of years ago, my wife, Jennifer and I took our youngest two children to the pet store. They were about 3 years old at the time and were completely overwhelmed at the number of animals. They ran from … Continue reading

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Scents

Every year, I try to find my wife something unusual for special occasions. Last year, I found a poster of the Last Unicorn from Litographs. This Valentine’s Day started an addiction to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents. I started by … Continue reading

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Phil’s Basic Flashcards

I created three sets of flashcards, multiplication, subtraction and addition. Flashcards Addition Flashcards Subtraction FlashcardsMultiplication

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AndrewSS7′s deviantART Gallery

AndrewSS7 is a talented artist who loves movies. I love his Star Wars Episode 7 teasers.

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A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to… a Place I Don’t Know

This is one of those funny true stories, from a place that is really not all that funny. Last year, my wife, Jen had her thyroid out due to cancer. Trust me, it gets better. Trust me. My wife had … Continue reading

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Updates – Chromebook

I received a Chromebook for Christmas. It is so much fun and easy to use, I made a few blog posts on it. Unfortunately, I posted to the wrong blog. Now, you can read all about it at

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From the Doctor’s Desk

I turned in a form to my doctor’s office. They filled it out for me. It included my height, 172.5 cm. Someone took the measurement from cm directly to feet by 172 cm/12 inches=14.3333 feet. They crossed that off and … Continue reading

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Fritz Leiber – Pail of Air

I stumbled on Pail of Air a while ago and loaded it to my Kobo to read. I really enjoyed his fantasy setting for The Grey Mouser. His science fiction works do not disappoint, either.

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The Little Things

My wife had surprise surgery for thyroid cancer on Tuesday. Discovery to surgery was what seemed to be a handful of days. There ain’t much I can do – I certainly can’t complain about how good (and caring) Roswell Park … Continue reading

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The New and The Old

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, I lost my cat of 23 years. What a great animal companion. Bear is all black and is pictured here with Leo our new cat.

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