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Practical Advice from Catherine K

Catherine Kietsu is a writer, traveler and blogger. On her blog, she offers up great advice for anyone thinking of writing and reasons to have means to back up files. Just in time for Nanowrimo, too. Thanks for the timely … Continue reading

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My reading list

My course work involves reading on various topics in short, frantic bursts. Almost like reading a blog. Here are some of my new favorite blogs to read: Simply Straightforward CrossCountry Adventures One Astronomer’s Noise

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Under Siege… maybe.

It appears that GoDaddy is under siege by Anonymous… or not. My trouble started over the weekend as of this writing 7 of 8 websites are impacted. According to the Security Desk at Information Week, a mis-configured router caused all … Continue reading

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The Refresh Continues…

As I work to refresh my blog and expand with new blogs, posts here will be deleted and moved to a more proper location. The basic breakdown is: – Life improving methods and technologies. Includes science and computers. These … Continue reading

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The obligatory Wil Wheaton Blog link

Godfather geek, technophile, actor and master gamer, Wil Wheaton runs WWdN: In Exile. It is an internet must read.

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Easter Egg Dye – Reblog

I normally don’t reblog often but my friend Jen C. has an blog about home-made Easter egg dye. Spectacular!

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