Tell it to me again

Peter Pan. Tell it to me again, but differently.

panPeter Pan is the archetype of smash ups: different genres, different times and places. All things are possible.







I find holidays to be somber and solemn; something remarkable, dignified and holy. I would say I don’t like marking the passage of time, but it is unavoidable. Sitting before this Christmas tree, I dwell on what has been. Most of the year I am an uncouth prankster, but end of each year reminds me of what has been, the experiences I have shared.

I am reminded that I am enabled by many people who make me believe, like Peter Pan, that all things are possible and every situation is an adventure, all of the good and bad.

In just a few hours, packages will be unwrapped. But the real gift was given in the moment we spend together.

Thank you, my friends, for making me believe.

Under Siege… maybe.

It appears that GoDaddy is under siege by Anonymous… or not. My trouble started over the weekend as of this writing 7 of 8 websites are impacted.

According to the Security Desk at Information Week, a mis-configured router caused all the problems. A member of Anonymous claimed responsibility for the problems, but later Anonymous disclaimed all responsibility for issues with GoDaddy.

Interestingly enough, GoDaddy claims it has corrected the issue, but I can’t help but notice that some services are not working well. I am just hanging in there; it isn’t critical now and I hope that things clear up shortly.

Stay tuned.

The Refresh Continues…

As I work to refresh my blog and expand with new blogs, posts here will be deleted and moved to a more proper location.

The basic breakdown is: – Life improving methods and technologies. Includes science and computers.
These Old Games – All old games of any type.
My GSIV Site – Posts relating to Simutronics Gemstone IV game.
Wonders of New York – Travel ideas and natural beauty in NY State.
Pretender to the Power – Art and Literature.

But enough about me.

I love to read as much as possible. Blogs enable me. :)

Here are a few blogs I read :
Attack of the Vegetables – Carol has compiled recipes using produce she has grown herself or obtained at the local market.
Life in the Nest – Jen, family and friends have complied a collection of ideas, recipes and methods for living frugally and simply.
Black Crow, White Owl – Melissa is an aggressive and talented artist. I became familiar with her art via her photography, but soon discovered she works in collage, mixed media, acrylics, graphic design, watercolor AND photography!