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Last Links of 2011

I have added a half-dozen or so links to the navigation bar. In no particular order they are: DuckDuckGo – A nifty search engine. Classilla – A web browser for 9.2.2. Contrary Brin – The blog of David Brin, author. … Continue reading

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Making do with OS 9.2

Macintosh OS 9.2.2 was the last OS released by Apple before OS X. It lacks a lot of polish of modern OS’es but when combined with the laptops of the day, it can offer a cheap and easy alternative to … Continue reading

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Coby Kyros Tablet Review

The Coby Kyros Tablet is not a contender for a tablet computer at the original list price of $250.00. However, now that the average price is about $100, the Kyros becomes more relevant. It is not a iPad to be … Continue reading

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DuckDuckGo and Google

Obviously my favourite search engine is Google. I use a Google Product everyday, from my searches to my web stats, Google serves my day-to-day purposes. So why would I want to use a new search engine like DuckDuckGo? It comes … Continue reading

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RedNotebook Review

RedNotebook is an impressive modern cross-platform journal. I have tested out the software for the past week and it is quite powerful. Many features lend themselves to blogging which is very nice. At a glance, RedNotebook looks like a planner. … Continue reading

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Kobo Review

The Kobo Touch was release in mid-2011 with wifi, a standard mini-USB port, SD micro card slot and of course, a touch screen. The Touch is one of the lightest e-readers on the market at 7 ounces. The product has … Continue reading

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Kindle Review

My wife received a Kindle for Christmas. She had shown some jealously when I bought my Kobo so I knew she needed one of these e-readers. The Kindle is less than six ounces, sports a 6″ screen, a standard mini … Continue reading

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Make a static WordPress page without a lick of code

So, you have a WordPress blog and want a static front page. The front page makes your blog look more a like a website. This is easy, click here for a detailed explanation. Now suppose you want to do the … Continue reading

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Gemstone IV review

Gemstone IV is a persistent MMORPG, running since 1988. The player base is measured in the thousands with hundreds of player logged in at anytime. Gemstones IV is unusual, it is text-based. All locations, actions and events are described via … Continue reading

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Install Google Chrome in Mint using LXTerminal

Install via terminal In LXTerminal run the following command. sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list Gedit will open. Paste the following source into the list: deb non-free main Save and exit gedit. LXTerminal should pop back up. Now run the following command in … Continue reading

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