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Last Links of 2011

I have added a half-dozen or so links to the navigation bar. In no particular order they are: DuckDuckGo – A nifty search engine. Classilla – A web browser for 9.2.2. Contrary Brin – The blog of David Brin, author. … Continue reading

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Making do with OS 9.2

Macintosh OS 9.2.2 was the last OS released by Apple before OS X. It lacks a lot of polish of modern OS’es but when combined with the laptops of the day, it can offer a cheap and easy alternative to … Continue reading

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Coby Kyros Tablet Review

The Coby Kyros Tablet is not a contender for a tablet computer at the original list price of $250.00. However, now that the average price is about $100, the Kyros becomes more relevant. It is not a iPad to be … Continue reading

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DuckDuckGo and Google

Obviously my favourite search engine is Google. I use a Google Product everyday, from my searches to my web stats, Google serves my day-to-day purposes. So why would I want to use a new search engine like DuckDuckGo? It comes … Continue reading

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RedNotebook Review

RedNotebook is an impressive modern cross-platform journal. I have tested out the software for the past week and it is quite powerful. Many features lend themselves to blogging which is very nice. At a glance, RedNotebook looks like a planner. … Continue reading

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Kobo Review

The Kobo Touch was release in mid-2011 with wifi, a standard mini-USB port, SD micro card slot and of course, a touch screen. The Touch is one of the lightest e-readers on the market at 7 ounces. The product has … Continue reading

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Kindle Review

My wife received a Kindle for Christmas. She had shown some jealously when I bought my Kobo so I knew she needed one of these e-readers. The Kindle is less than six ounces, sports a 6″ screen, a standard mini … Continue reading

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Paid Post – Cheap Auto Insurance

Recently, I’ve been looking for a job and trying to trim costs as much possible. In times like these, there are some things you can do without and other that you can’t do without. Delaying purchases, such as a new … Continue reading

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Make a static WordPress page without a lick of code

So, you have a WordPress blog and want a static front page. The front page makes your blog look more a like a website. This is easy, click here for a detailed explanation. Now suppose you want to do the … Continue reading

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Gemstone IV review

Gemstone IV is a persistent MMORPG, running since 1988. The player base is measured in the thousands with hundreds of player logged in at anytime. Gemstones IV is unusual, it is text-based. All locations, actions and events are described via … Continue reading

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