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10 reasons why Facebook’s Timeline is a Fail

I couldn’t resist, I clicked the Timeline feature on Facebook. I suspect that Timeline will become a prime example of an epic fail. 1. No explanation given: Clicking the about button provides an Apple-esque commercial, which happens to look a … Continue reading

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Social Music and Movies

One of the nicest things about social media is the ability to find new music and movies. I “discovered” a new song by one of my favorite artists, Trent Reznor thanks to a share. This song is from a movie … Continue reading

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Kobo update provides new functions

Last semester, I started taking Spanish. I found that my bad high school Spanish was in no way improved with age. I jumped on the net and found a few books in Spanish from Project Gutenberg. I found my old … Continue reading

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Deleting Preview Books On Kobo

Deleting preview books on the Kobo is simple with the right tools. In this case, Calibre is the right tool. If you do not already have this Swiss Army Knife of the e-book world, get it. Do not read or … Continue reading

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New Tab Added – Erie Community College Landing Page

I have created a virtual notebook so to speak. It is safe to ignore this page if you don’t attend these classes. The page should contain notes and useful websites. In a few cases there is crossover with the gallery … Continue reading

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More Maps

I added a map for the River’s Rest Tunnels today.

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Why use Terminal? (GIMP Install)

Linux has come a long way over the years. Nearly every variant has a software manager, a graphical interface for adding software. Why bother with the Terminal any more? First, the terminal will display everything it does. Second, there are … Continue reading

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Gemstone IV maps: Steel Golems

One of my favorite areas in Gemstone’s is the Steel Golems. I added a map of the area this morning. If you don’t play Gemstone IV, why not give it a try?

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Tis the Season for Weather

It snowed last night. The temperature is hovering at 13 degrees F. What to do? After shoveling this morning, I downloaded a weather app for Mint. There aren’t many reviews in the Software Manager. I selected several and nothing seemed … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful holiday and come back after January 2nd for more updates.

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