Dropbox Update 500 MB bonus for referrals

I love Dropbox. If you use multiple computers or devices, it’s a godsend to have Dropbox sync up your files all in one place.

Dropbox provides 2 Gb of space for free, but if you refer a friend, they will increase it by 500 MB per friend (up to 16 GB).


Figure Painting – Part 03

Picking up where we left off, the figures need a dusting of white spray paint. Some people will use different base coats for different projects. While that is an excellent idea, I am using a new set of paints and I do not know how they will “play” with the base coat.

The figures after spraying

Spraying should be done in a well ventilated place. As you can see from the pictures, I use a vented orange crate for painting. The crate can be taken outside for spraying in almost any weather. The holes in the crate prevent the spray paint from bouncing off the sides and accumulating too much on the figures.

Allow the figures to dry for a couple of hours. Once they are dry, separate them into two groups – one to be painted flesh tone and anyone without flesh tones. Only a handful of these figures are completely armoured, so I will set those aside.

Flesh tone is going to be the lowest color on the figure. Once it is painted it will not be touched again until the wash coat. By painting the face and hands first, there is no need to push the tip of loaded paint brush into their nooks and crannies.

The sprued items always present difficulties for me. The issue is to glue them in place before paint or after. The glue adheres better when it is a metal to metal bond, but painting is easier before attaching the accessories. I will paint them and then glue them on in the last couple of steps.

I have lost my light for photography today. I will jump into the first steps of painting tomorrow.

What’s on the Kobo this week?

I haven’t mention my Kobo in a while. I use it every day. Last week I plowed through several short stories by Anton Chekhov. I found The Witch to be best so far and The Beggar is a close second.

There are dozens more of Chekhov’s short works but before I burn out with classics, I purchased AGAINST A DIAMOND SKY. This is a collection of short stories taking place within the shared universe of Orion’s Arm. With stories by Michele Dutcher, Steve Bowers, Graham Hopgood, and Darren Ryding I should have my sci-fi fix satisfied.

The book retails for $5.00 USD for the pdf and is also available in soft cover from Amazon.com.

Good night and happy reading.

Figure Painting – Part 02

In this post, I will clean up the details of the figures with some very simple tools.

Rough File, Scissors and Glue.

I use the scissors to snip off long, thin pieces of flash; the file is for clean up and attacking things I can reach with the scissors. The file is quiet rough so care is needed so as not to remove too much metal. At the end, a few quick swipes will flatten the base if needed.

As you can see from the far right image, I did not take off the bit of metal at the bottom of the wizards staff and the base of the model. I felt that it would be too fragile later so I left it. I will try to cover it up once the figure is done.

I like to paint based figures, however bases for display or game play are a little ungainly for painting. Various craft stores sell wooden squares and circles for crafting. I like the 1-1/4 squares or 1-1/2 circles. Usually they are under $0.10 each if bought in quantity.

A variety of bases.

To mount the figures I use the tiniest drop of glue. The idea is to have something to hold on to the figure, not to permanently attach the model to a chunk of wood. Elmer’s wood glue works nicely and I apply a drop to one base then dip the base’s of several figures into that one drop to control the amount of glue.

Just a drop of glue.

Once these figures dry, I can move to the first step actually using paint.

One last step. Do yourself a favor and wipe up the tip of the glue bottle. Nothing is worse than not being able to use a bottle of glue because it is glued shut.

No dribbling. Clean that up.

See you later.

The Dreaming Tree 2009 Crush Red Wine

I have to say, nothing disrupts your plans like a good bottle of wine. Usually, I don’t drink wine except with meals but The Dreaming Tree 2009 Crush Red Wine is one of those wines that can stand alone any time.

crushIt is a blend of one-third Zinfandel and 2/3 Merlot. It starts off tart and sour then ends up all oak and tannin. Crush!

This wine is perfect either on its own or from something from grill.

Figure Painting – Part 01

I have selected 20 figures by Emperors Choice to paint up. I have two identical sets of fantasy figures called The Final Battle, Lords of Light. I picked up these sets at a local shop called Jester’s Cap Games last year.

Jester’s Cap specializes in Magic, Warhammer 40K, Dungeon’s and Dragons and other product lines, so they do not carry these types products any more. Since they are one of my favorite stores, you know I am going to end up painting some 40K figures very soon.

The set has ten figures and one sprue of weapons. They are packages in a hard box with a foam insert to protect each figure. It’s a good thing too; each features an over-sized weapon and is intricately detailed. I consider the quality to be high to superior, especially when compared to historical figures.

Pulling the figures from the box, I found all were in good order, with tiny amounts of flash and very little bending. Flash is residual material from the molding process. Flash isn’t a quality issue, it is simply in the nature of cast metal figures. These issues are very minor and will only take a minute or two to correct.

I have photographed each as they came out of the box. As I said there are some minor flash issues and if they were not on the foam, the would not stand on their own.

In the next post, I will prep these guys for painting. See you then.

Minis day

In an effort to clean out my basement I was clearing out boxes today. I stumbled across a box or two of figures I forgot I had.

In the next 10 days, I plan on painting all twenty-four figures AND blogging each step of the process.

So much for cleaning the basement.

The first post will be at 10 p.m. eastern time. Come on back then.