Wine Fueled Crafts – Part Two

Today I am finishing this project with a product I found at Hobby Lobby: Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating. It was a good find for six bucks. This coating requires two coats with one hour of drying time between each. Afterwards, it requires 24 hours to cure and a rubbing with chalk to condition the surface.

So let’s go, starting with the supplies. The brushes are normal, the bottles were prepared in the last post and the paper goods are leftovers from a party. The white bottle is the Chalkboard Coating. The large black item is a knife. This will be used to clean up any irregularities in the paint.

The Supplies

First things first, a bit of paint needs to come off the faux label of the green bottle. A gentle touch with the knife will remove these “blobs”, but don’t slip. For safety’s sake, pretend that you are cutting and move the blade away from yourself.


The fan brush won’t fit the bottle, so I recycled a bowl. I am glad to see the Coating is white, otherwise these pictures would be boring. It has the consistency of Elmer’s Glue.

Bowl of Coating

Apply the Coating vertically first; I want these bottles to look rough so I am deliberately leaving streaks.

Blue Bottle

Painting the all black bottle, the white shows nicely on the dark surface and will dry clear.

Black Bottle

The last bottle I am not sure about. I have painted everything but the label. We will see.

Green Bottle

Time to let these guys dry. See you tomorrow.

Wine Fueled Crafts – Part One

I saw a picture online of some painted wine bottles. I had a few bottles on hand from a party this weekend so I decided to try it. Not being normal, I needed to put a twist on the idea.

I have a blue-bottle, a green and a clear. The fourth bottle is on standby and if necessary it will be emptied and used. I removed the labels from two bottles but it was such a pain I left the last label on the bottle. If you know of a good way to remove a wine bottle label let me know in the comments.

I don’t think the clear bottle fits with the image in my mind, so I will cover it up completely. My colors are Mars Black, Phthalo Green and Titanium White. I mixed them with a sponge brush.
Bowl of Paint

I soaked the labels off and place the bottles in the oven to dry on low heat. Oven mitts should be used to remove the bottles from the oven. I cannot stress this enough.

Starting with the blue-bottle, I used the edge of table to steady my hand and tapped out two straight lines. The bottles were still warm and the paint dried very quickly.
Paint Lines

I painted vertically down the bottle to create the faux label. Since the paint dried quickly, I was able to paint horizontal lines over the vertical. I liked neither, so I tapped a spongy pattern over them. This rough texture was more of what I had in mind.
Blue Bottle Striped

I finished the blue-bottle with an oval decoration and moved on to the clear bottle. Again, I started with vertical stripes and covered them with horizontal stripes. This bottle was cooler and the paint took longer to dry. I was able to repeat my tapped sponge pattern between each coat of paint. In the end, I liked the broad strokes best and left horizontal stripes visible.
Clear to Black

At the top of each bottle was a cuff. Instead of trying to cut it off, I left it in place and painted it.

The beauty of this project is that it does not need a steady hand. Resting your arm on the table and turning the bottle creates a wonderfully straight line.

Cosmoquest – The next step in science

Years ago, The Universe Today and The Bad Astronomer teamed up and created the Bautforum. Phil Plait and Fraser Cain* have once again teamed up to create an interactive website that puts science right at your fingertips.

Cosmoquest pulls scientist, authors, students, programmers and educators together to do real science and educate on a variety of subjects. Two of the science at home programs are Moon Mappers and Ice Investigators. There is even a Forum, online classes and Wiki available. Circle Fraser, Pamela or Phil on Google+ to join them for recordings of Astronomy Cast and virtual star parties.

So take the next step in science and check out Cosmoquest

*Actually it isn’t just Fraser Cain and Phil Plait. The full list is:
Pamela Gay, Fraser Cain, Alberto Conti, Phil Plait, Cory Lehan, Di Alex Huang, Joseph Moore, Sean McKenna, Georgia Bracey, Kathy Costello, Ellen Reilly, Georgia Bracey, Doris Daou, Tom Foster, Pamela Gay, Michael Gibbs, David Gibson, Dawn Olive, Joe Rhea, Irene Antonenko, KMasterdo, Jane Tate, Marc Buie, David Borncamp, John Spencer, Irene Antonenko, Stuart Robbins, Clark Chapman, Brian Day, and Brooke Hsu.

Edited – Confirm Solfe communication with Slang. Edit to be removed in the future.

Welcome New Browsers!

I can’t keep my hands off of new stuff.

Camino – Mac OS X browser.
Midori – A part of the Xfce desktop environment’s Goodies component.
Rockmelt – A social media web browser.

Of course, I should have called these “new to me”, Camino has been around for a while.

In the next few weeks I will take them for a test drive.