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The Refresh Continues…

As I work to refresh my blog and expand with new blogs, posts here will be deleted and moved to a more proper location. The basic breakdown is: – Life improving methods and technologies. Includes science and computers. These … Continue reading

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Adding pages – The Bookshelf

I read a lot, so I added a page with a list of books I have read recently.

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The Breaking of the Blog

The time has come to break the blog. I intended Pretender to the Power as expression of my creativity, and while I have met that goal, the overall theme has been stretched beyond all limits. Blogs are very focused on … Continue reading

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Gambling with Google Translate

When I enrolled at school, taking a language was not in the cards for me. That soon changed as I completed all the interesting Art and English classes. Soon it became clear that a language was a necessary requirement for … Continue reading

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Tricky Unetbootin install – CentOS

Unetbootin is a wonderful piece of software. It will create a bootable USB drive of your favorite Linux flavor. Well, most of the time. CentOS is a special case. The files needed for CentOS* reside on mirrors and not the … Continue reading

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The obligatory Wil Wheaton Blog link

Godfather geek, technophile, actor and master gamer, Wil Wheaton runs WWdN: In Exile. It is an internet must read.

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