Cosmoquest – The next step in science

Years ago, The Universe Today and The Bad Astronomer teamed up and created the Bautforum. Phil Plait and Fraser Cain* have once again teamed up to create an interactive website that puts science right at your fingertips.

Cosmoquest pulls scientist, authors, students, programmers and educators together to do real science and educate on a variety of subjects. Two of the science at home programs are Moon Mappers and Ice Investigators. There is even a Forum, online classes and Wiki available. Circle Fraser, Pamela or Phil on Google+ to join them for recordings of Astronomy Cast and virtual star parties.

So take the next step in science and check out Cosmoquest

*Actually it isn’t just Fraser Cain and Phil Plait. The full list is:
Pamela Gay, Fraser Cain, Alberto Conti, Phil Plait, Cory Lehan, Di Alex Huang, Joseph Moore, Sean McKenna, Georgia Bracey, Kathy Costello, Ellen Reilly, Georgia Bracey, Doris Daou, Tom Foster, Pamela Gay, Michael Gibbs, David Gibson, Dawn Olive, Joe Rhea, Irene Antonenko, KMasterdo, Jane Tate, Marc Buie, David Borncamp, John Spencer, Irene Antonenko, Stuart Robbins, Clark Chapman, Brian Day, and Brooke Hsu.

Edited – Confirm Solfe communication with Slang. Edit to be removed in the future.

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