Wine Fueled Crafts – Part One

I saw a picture online of some painted wine bottles. I had a few bottles on hand from a party this weekend so I decided to try it. Not being normal, I needed to put a twist on the idea.

I have a blue-bottle, a green and a clear. The fourth bottle is on standby and if necessary it will be emptied and used. I removed the labels from two bottles but it was such a pain I left the last label on the bottle. If you know of a good way to remove a wine bottle label let me know in the comments.

I don’t think the clear bottle fits with the image in my mind, so I will cover it up completely. My colors are Mars Black, Phthalo Green and Titanium White. I mixed them with a sponge brush.
Bowl of Paint

I soaked the labels off and place the bottles in the oven to dry on low heat. Oven mitts should be used to remove the bottles from the oven. I cannot stress this enough.

Starting with the blue-bottle, I used the edge of table to steady my hand and tapped out two straight lines. The bottles were still warm and the paint dried very quickly.
Paint Lines

I painted vertically down the bottle to create the faux label. Since the paint dried quickly, I was able to paint horizontal lines over the vertical. I liked neither, so I tapped a spongy pattern over them. This rough texture was more of what I had in mind.
Blue Bottle Striped

I finished the blue-bottle with an oval decoration and moved on to the clear bottle. Again, I started with vertical stripes and covered them with horizontal stripes. This bottle was cooler and the paint took longer to dry. I was able to repeat my tapped sponge pattern between each coat of paint. In the end, I liked the broad strokes best and left horizontal stripes visible.
Clear to Black

At the top of each bottle was a cuff. Instead of trying to cut it off, I left it in place and painted it.

The beauty of this project is that it does not need a steady hand. Resting your arm on the table and turning the bottle creates a wonderfully straight line.

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