The Breaking of the Blog

The time has come to break the blog. I intended Pretender to the Power as expression of my creativity, and while I have met that goal, the overall theme has been stretched beyond all limits. Blogs are very focused on a single topic and I have not been focused at all.

I will fix that. Today I have launched two more blogs named These Old Games, My GSIV site, unpwnd, and Wonders of New York. The first two blogs will concentrate on games, the second being linked specifically to Simutronics’ Gemstone IV game. These Old Games will focus on both old computer games and pen and paper games. Unpwnd will be a site focusing on technology and the Wonders of New York will be a travel log of New York State and the natural beauty of our region. As time goes on, I expect to launch several other sites to discuss other topics.

At this time I have decided not to remove posts, but over the next few weeks I will migrate posts and images to these new sites. Once complete, Pretender to the Power and her sister sites will be rich in content and strongly driven to meet my personal goals.

I hope you have enjoyed this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned – I will be posting more updates, including an explanation of the name of this site.

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