Figure Painting – Part 03

Picking up where we left off, the figures need a dusting of white spray paint. Some people will use different base coats for different projects. While that is an excellent idea, I am using a new set of paints and I do not know how they will “play” with the base coat.

The figures after spraying

Spraying should be done in a well ventilated place. As you can see from the pictures, I use a vented orange crate for painting. The crate can be taken outside for spraying in almost any weather. The holes in the crate prevent the spray paint from bouncing off the sides and accumulating too much on the figures.

Allow the figures to dry for a couple of hours. Once they are dry, separate them into two groups – one to be painted flesh tone and anyone without flesh tones. Only a handful of these figures are completely armoured, so I will set those aside.

Flesh tone is going to be the lowest color on the figure. Once it is painted it will not be touched again until the wash coat. By painting the face and hands first, there is no need to push the tip of loaded paint brush into their nooks and crannies.

The sprued items always present difficulties for me. The issue is to glue them in place before paint or after. The glue adheres better when it is a metal to metal bond, but painting is easier before attaching the accessories. I will paint them and then glue them on in the last couple of steps.

I have lost my light for photography today. I will jump into the first steps of painting tomorrow.

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